Wednesday, May 05, 2010

~ Gladys in Uniform ~

It's almost half a year since Gladys attended Nursery. :) She is enjoying school, loves to sing the songs she learns from her teachers and getting to know more of her friends' name. She looks taller now too... The length of her school uniform used to be longer.. now it seems to be slightly above knee length. hahaha.. My little girl is growing up. ^_^

Gladys has been showing interest in drawing and colouring. Whenever she passed by Children art centres with beautiful and colourful drawings hanging outside, she wants to go in. Even at home, she has been tearing the papers from the drawing block to scribble, draw and colour on. Hubby and I are thinking of enrolling her to attend an art class with the Community centre since she is so keen. Maybe she will be artistic like her Mommy. Hahahahaha :p

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