Tuesday, May 04, 2010

~ Bloggers Family Pledge Movement ~

In conjunction with this year's 25th Anniversary of National Family Celebrations 2010 (NFC 2010) - the Singapore Pledge Movement, Nuffnang will be giving away 700 tickets to various attractions in Singapore to Bloggers!!

NOTE: Each winner will be given 7 tickets to bring family members to an attraction.
Attractions include:
- Hippo Tour
- 4D Magix/CineBlast
- Luge & Skyride
- Songs of the Sea
- Singapore Flyer

All you need to do is be part of the Bloggers Family Pledge Movement by making a commitment to your family. Prizes aside, most importantly is keeping that promise that you have made.

My pledge towards my family will be:

"I pledge to spend more quality time with my family, to listen, care, treasure, love and appreciate my love ones"

In today's society, it's always a struggle working out time for your family, work and personal time. We do not need to take the children out all the time, just giving them attention and spending quality time at home also helps. Simple things like eating together, reading them a story book, playing, art & crafts or even doing housework/cooking is fun. I hope I can spend a little more time doing all these with them and be a less nerve-wracking mother. :p

The fact that we have our family with us all the time, we tend to forget the basic necessity to listen and talk to each other... lending an ear and giving comfort. Forgotten to say "你好吗?", "我爱你", "谢谢你". I'm guilty of that too... always taking things for granted and getting emotional at times. Hence, taking this opportunity, I would like to spend more time with my parents, listening and talking to them. Buy them little stuff or taking them out to eat.

So mark your calendar today! Start to plan sometime aside on 29th May 2010 (Saturday) with your family and have a good time together.

To learn more about NFC 2010, read on :)


Organised by the National Family Council, National Family Celebrations is an annual event which celebrates and reinforces the importance of families and family life. This year, Singaporeans are encouraged to make a personal commitment to their families by being a part of the Singapore Family Pledge Movement.

To provide opportunities for Singaporeans to follow through on the pledges to their families, there are a myriad of activities under the NFC 2010 calendar – which will interest the young, the old, and everyone in between! NFC 2010 will be held from 25 May to 26 June 2010, and this year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Celebrations. For more information on NFC 2010, visit http://www.nfc.sg/

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