Wednesday, July 30, 2008

~ Han Sang Korean Family Resturant ~

I was actually suffering from gastric yesterday..Never had one before and hence never knew that the pain was so bad! :( It came on and off (something like contraction during child birth :S) stomach felt like being squeezed and in sharp pain. I had to take light food... and drink warm drinks. Luckily, it felt better in the evening especially after seeing the doctor and taking a stronger doze of medicine.

Just moments ago, I had dinner at a Korean resturant at Novena Square 2 with my colleagues and ex-colleagues. (Maggie, Janet, Florence Lee, Nicole, Andrea and Florence Goh). Had a good time chatting and catching up with each other. Janet just had her hair rebonded and really look more chio :). Maggie and Florence are as pretty as ever.

We were first being served with an "appetizer" dish (I guess). It had potato, ikan bilis and some kind of nuts. Next came the other seasoned side kimchi, Gaji (eggplant, Kongnamul (big-headed bean sprouts), Sigumchii namul ( Spinach ) , radish slice etc.

The main attraction are the meat! We had pork, beef and chicken. The waitress served us throughout our dinner. She will lay the meat on the charcoal-heated hotplate and helped us cook. Personally, I preferred the pork and beef. The chicken was too spicy and I cannot take too much as I'm still recovering from my gastric. Other than that, the rest of the food was pretty nice. :)


Fish, Mushroom, Beef, Prawn, Vegetable

Spicy Chicken

Since the chicken is too hot, I took 2 bowls of Ginseng chicken soup where the chicken is stuffed with Glutinous rice, dates and garlic. Yummy.

Ginseng Chicken Soup

The last dish was fried rice in the spicy chicken sauce. The waitress put seaweed and some vegetables and fried it just right. Too bad it's a bit spicy, else I would have enjoyed it more. Final bill came to about $37 per person.

It was a rare opportunity that I get to go out to have dinner like this so I was glad. I hope my gastric would not ignite again since I took so much food! Shared a cab home with Nicole and Florence and I was greeted by Denver and Gladys warmly! Gladys hugged me and called me "Mummy".. Denver kept asking where I went.. why am I late.. so sweet! @_@

It's Hubby's turn to go out this Friday while I stay home to take care of the kids. Hope Hubby get to win a prize in his company's DND. Good Luck!

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