Friday, July 25, 2008

~ Learn to let go... ~

Having a mixture of emotions now...

It's Friday! As usual, we brought the kids to Timezone @ Compass Point. It seems like a weekly activity that Denver always look forward to now. We played a couple of games and Hubby decided to try his luck with the toy pickup machine. We never had any luck with it... and to our pleasant surprise, Hubby picked up the prize on his first attempt! :D I was so excited that I jumped! It is a sad looking but cute Eeyore with a tag saying "I was WON at TimeZone"! Hubby grab Eeyore out and gave it to Gladys which she quickly hug close to her.. :)

While feeling happy on one side, Hubby received a call from my bil and it seems there might be some adjustment. Since about 3-4 years back, the family did not really have a peace of mind. Things just kinda drag on and on. All I can say is sometimes it is beyond your control and you just have to learn to 看开 and 放开。 I am still learning, and hope in time to come, I can truly attain 'enlightenment'. Maybe life will be much happier when you don't set your eyes and heart in an enclosed area. Afterall, nothing is perfect in this world.... you gain some... you lose some. Still, it's always easy to say.. but hard to do. I must admit I am still trying to cross that barrier and hopefully once I do, I'll be a happier and better person.

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