Wednesday, August 27, 2008

~ Retirement??? Wait Long Long ~

Ever since we moved to Tuas, I am seeing people quitting almost one every 2 months. Just finished my weekly team meeting and receive another news that my US team mate is retiring! (well, at least it's better than being sack!). Pam has been working with the company for many years... and it is a good news that she is able to retire, get another relaxing job and spending more time with her family. This was what she always wanted...

Our team has shrink tremendously for the past 3 years... from the full head strength of more than 10 to only 4 as perm employees.... the rest has either been retrenched/transferred to another department... and the headcount has went to our offshore counterparts. With Pam retiring and Regina going on maternity end of this year, it is going to be a tough year end..

I wonder where will I be for retirement... well, I am still young, my kids are young and I'll have to work at least another 20 years before Denver and Gladys can 'survive' on their own. (unless hubby strike Big Toto prize and I can go for a more relaxing job :p)..

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