Friday, August 29, 2008

~ Birthday Cum Farewell Lunch ~

Norman is leaving the company next Friday and my Birthday is coming... Andrea, Norman, Sookiat and I decided to have a Birthday & Farewell lunch together yesterday. 4 years ago, It started with me and Andrea as great pals... SK joined shortly followed by NT.. We soon become close colleagues and friends and had lots of good times working together... Starting mid of this year, SK left the group first.. now it's NT's turn... and we are back to square one with Andrea and me left in the company. :( We won't have much chance to meet up again after this.

Had lunch at Kuishinbo at Jurong Point.. meet up with SK and really enjoyed the food.. I had super shiok Sashimi twice in a month.. totally satisfied.. :)

I wasn't expecting any present/card cos this year everyone was really busy with either work or wedding... So I was really happy when NT specially made me a Birthday card.. :D It was a nice framed photo of all of us.. Will treasure it.

The other 'exciting' thing that happened was I was taken to pierce ear holes! @_@ Well... actually it was Andrea who pull me to a shop right after our lunch. She said it was my birthday present.. The first time I had my ears pierce was before my wedding.. because I had to wear for diamond earrings from my "4 Dot Gold". The ear holes closed up very soon because I did not wear earrings due to some infection and uncomfortablity.

We went into the shop, sat down and in less than 10 mins it was done. Slight pain and soon it felt itchy.. I suppose this time wasn't as bad as the other time... hopefully I can maintain it.. :p

It was a very memorable day.. and Thank you for everything.

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