Tuesday, September 02, 2008

~ Chalet 31.08.08 ~

It's my Birthday! Another year has past and this birthday is quite happening for me... Just had lunch with buddies and the day before my birthday, hubby took the kids and me out for Sakura Dinner again :). We went out early and was starving when it open at 6pm. Had a lot of good food and Denver ate so much till he throw up in the night.

This year we had chalet at Downtown East again. :) It's happens to be the children 1 week vacation and probably the last family outing before my brother in law went for his 1-2 years stay in US.

It was a rainy afternoon... Hubby gave me a pleasant surprise saying that he ordered a cake for me! *touched.. he said he wanted to give me a pair of earrings since I had my ears pierced... but worried I will 'scold' him for buying something expensive.. so cute. :) Anyway, I am very happy and really glad what he did for me.. He took the time and effort to go down to the cake shop at Jalan Kayu which he heard had very good cakes.. Anyway, there are only 2 to choose from .. either Chocolate or Durian. And obviously, it has to be chocolate since I don't fancy durains. :p

There's hubby carrying the cake and otah.. It is a busy day for him.. so he is really tired preparing so much stuff.

This is the cake! Thick chocolate and really very tasty.. :) Yummy.

We took Jasper and Royston to the chalet first and checked in. Finally got to get a room at the ground floor. For the past few occasions, our room is always on the 2nd floor and it is so troublsome and tiring climbing up and down. My bil and parents in law join in shortly with all the food and stuff. Soon our relatives came.. As usual, there is a mahjong session and hubby, bil and one of the uncle was helping with the BBQ. This time round all the food was finished! Including the cake! :) That's good!

Of course, the kids are more interested in games and so they are occupied with PSP, swimming and going to the arcade playing their favourite "Beatle game". Gladys wanted to play in the pool as well and cried when we did not allow her. Hubby finally gave in and let her in. :p

The kids also went to the arcade and Eileen initate all of us to take Neoprints! This is the first time I took it and the kids enjoy it.. :)

Bro in law's family and us squeeze in the chalet for the night. I can see Denver is happy and excited on the night out with his cousins. He fell asleep very soon.. :)

The next morning, Denver is up early as usual... waking me up... We had breakfast at Mcdonalds and it's swimming time! Gladys was very excited and she had a good time at the pool.. All of us head on to Wild Wild Wet at around 10am and the older kids went to take on the ular-lah, skyrider and played at the water playground..I stayed back with Gladys and played at the shallow sloshing area with mini water slides where she had so many rounds of slides. Later, we all head on to the "Shiok River" and got on the big tubes.. I took Gladys round on the tube while hubby hold on to us.. She was quiet throughout the journey.. must be frightened out. :p

Next, it's Tsunami time.. the big waves! Even as we stay at the shallow waters, we can feel the strong current splashing on us.. All of us enjoyed it.. had a good time! We stay there till noon and by now it's getting hot and hungry.. We quickly went back to bath and change... and had lunch at Burger King. The other kids went to the arcade again after lunch while Hubby, Gladys and I stay back to rest... I started to sneeze later and worried Gladys might fall sick since we stay in the pool for so long!

My sil's sister and her children came to join in the fun.. and we all had our dinner at Nihon Mura. I really had a lot of japanese food these 2 weeks :p. Wanted to take the kids for a movie ("Wall E").. but we missed the last showing time at 740pm.. and yesterday night, Gladys vomitted and started to feel warm.. Oh dear. We changed plans and headed home.. Denver cried so sadly.. he was disappointed not able to stay for another night.. :( I felt bad too having to send him home as well.. While we drove back, turning at the traffic junction, he was sobbing quietly, waving goodbye to the chalet... so SAD!! and started sobbing again.. We promise to let him play PSP tomorrow at his cousin's house and no homework for the day to pacify him.. sighz...

Well, it was exhausting, mixture of fun and sadness, but it was a good time together..

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