Monday, August 11, 2008

~ A Day's Off ~

I am definitely getting old.. Why do I say that? Cos I am getting exhausted easily. :)

Today took a day off and bring Denver to watch "Journey to the center of the Earth" at Cathay (AMK hub). It's also the first movie that I'm watching with him. :) Not a bad movie plus the fact that I haven't been to the cinema for ages... Denver has grown up and even though he couldn't understand the story, he stayed through the entire show. Of course, there are dinosaur, man eating plants and scary fishes to keep him entertained.

After the movie, we travel down to Tampines Mall and had late lunch at Seoul Garden.. I finally get to eat in peace since Gladys is not around to 'mess' things up. :) I also manage to do some window shopping on my own at Compass Point to search for some clothes... no luck though, but I managed to buy a pair of shoes at Charles & Keith at 50% discount! :D

Dinner time... but my stomach is still bloated and couldn't really eat.. :( My body and legs are also aching... guess age is really catching up on me.. It's even more tiring than working.. but I am glad that Denver is happy... after all that matters the most.

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