Monday, March 15, 2010

~ Denver's passed his Bronze Swimming Test! ~

After learning swimming for 2 years, Denver finally going for his NASSA Bronze Swimming Test today! How confident is he?? :) Daddy took him to the Hougang Swimming Complex since I got to work. Test starts at 930am sharp.
The children gathered around for a briefing by the tester before they start. Below are the testing criterias for NASSA Bronze award.
Testing Criteria:
- Straddle or tuck jump entry from the side of the pool, swim 50m
- Demonstrate ability to "drown-proof" for 1 minute
- Tread water for 3 minutes
- Undress in water and demonstrate ability to make float from attire
- Swim 400 meter using any strokes
- One surface dive must be executed and swim submerged for at least 5m
- Climb out from the deep end of the pool without the use of steps or assistance
A series of test awaits them. :) 加油!
Moving onward for their 400m Swim.

Denver PASSED! :) Good Job!! A happy and tired looking boy.. hahaha.. Swimming lessons will go on as usual to improve his stamina and his current strokes.


  1. wah, i thought wear pyjamas, jump in , float, come up.. Pass!! This Test is challenging, congrats to Denver.

  2. Thanks Andy. :) usually if the instructor ask them to go for Bronze test, should be ready le. 400m have no time limit unlike Silver award. ^_^