Sunday, March 14, 2010

~ End of Term 1 + Ramsey ~

It's March School Holidays! The children will be having their 1 week vacation break and they are delighted. Denver is still in his 'honeymoon' period where he doesn't seems to have a lot of homework to do. I asked him if he has any work to complete during his holiday? He said: "Nope, I finished them all in school. Teacher said I should spend a few hours a day studying at home." "Ah, I have an English Test on Tuesday after school reopens." Well, nothing was written in his pupil companion book on what/how he would be tested. So it will fall back on his usual daily practice on Mommy's assessment books instead. :)

Gladys also got back her Term 1 worksheets from Nursery. Various papers on English and Chinese writings, colourings and 3 story books. Gladys love to show it to her Gor Gor while Denver enjoys looking through her worksheets and comment on her work.

Denver: "Wa. Only 1 star. Must work harder and write nicer ah. Teacher will give you more stars."
Denver: "Mei Mei, how to read this word?" ^_^

Gladys can't really read or write as well as Denver. Probably it's because I did not spend as much time teaching her compared to her Gor Gor. But she seems to be better with drawings and colouring. Her character is stronger (which also means stubborn and harder to tame.) and never fails to give me surprises.
After lunch, Hubby went to his uncle's house to help him fix up his new Samsung Television. I had a great time taking photos today as I think I got a couple of nice shots of them together. :) Gladys has been copying all the actions Denver is doing while posing. So funny!
The siblings love to visit Uncle's house partly because Ramsey is there. ^_^ Ramsey (Uncle's Dog) has been part of the family for many years now. She is a very timid and tame doggy. Hence, you can imagine how scared Ramsey was when the kiddos got too excited and swamp towards her. Everytime the children try to get near to Ramsey, she will quickly scampered off to seek shelter from Uncle. :p Eventually Ramsey has to hide herself under the table or bed. Actually the kids will just need to sit still and Ramsey will find herself comfortably seated too without too much attention given. :)

So, the children are back to keeping themselves entertained and it was another round of photo taking with the kids making funny actions and faces. :)

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