Saturday, March 13, 2010

~ Denver made us MAD today ~

Yup! Denver made us super angry this morning. Hubby's face was BLACK after bringing him back home from his swimming lesson. Why I ask? Denver said he got scolded by his teacher because he was caught talking and playing with his friend and did not complete swimming 8 laps as instructed by his teacher in preparation for his test on Monday. :(

I was so disappointed and that made me angry too cos we already told him many many times to pay attention during lessons. It is not the first time he has been chatting and playing with his friends in the pool. Not only his teacher was angry, the other child's parent was also frustrated. This has cause so much disruption and inconvenience.

My friends may see me as a very easy and nice person but I am very stern and fierce when it comes to disciplining my children. Denver got a spanking from me for not behaving after repeated warnings and reminders given. Hubby also forbidded Denver to go to his school's Health Fun Fair which we were suppose to bring him after his lesson. He was very upset and cried... insisting that he wishes to go! Ha! That only make us more ANGRY with him!

Well, Denver missed the Fun Fair today and if he is still not behaving, he will blow his chances away going to the Education Tour next Thursday. Will he learns his Lesson??

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