Monday, March 15, 2010

~ Shabu Shi + Alice in Wonderland ~

Denver got a good treat for passing his swimming test. ^_^ There is a newly opened buffet restaurant - SHABU-SHI at Hougang Mall - Level 2. Instead of the usual sushi, they serve mainly shabu shabu ingredients on the sushi train. Slices of beef, chicken, fish, assorted raw vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, shells, prawns, noodles and many more to choose from... The staff behind the train counter are always busy filling up with the sushi train with more ingredients non-stop.

If you crave for sushi still, the buffet also includes a smaller variety of assorted sushi. The taste and standard is not comparable to those you would enjoy in Sakae or other resturants. Still, Shabu-shi's buffet spread is good and the price is resonable.

Drinks, desserts & Ice-cream are free-flow. The resturant has a variety of drinks to choose from (waterchestnut, lime, ice-lemon tea etc) but the downside is there is only 1 kind of stick ice-cream and it melted. :(

Each table can serve 2 different selection of broth. There is Tom yum, Chicken and another Sweet base soup to choose from. Children can have their own separate pot while parents can enjoy their food cooked in the spicy Tom Yum broth. :) Only point to note is Shabu-shi have smaller tables and we have to make full use of the limited space. Fortunately, the waiteress were very efficient and are able to clear the plates very fast. They are also constantly helping us to refill our soup. Even the staff behind the sushi train were attentive to our sushi or shabu-shabu orders. Thumbs up for their service!

Shabu-shi is a pretty neat place and we really had a good meal. ^_^
So what's after lunch?? Movie Time! We brought Denver to watch "Alice in Wonderland". This is a classic story which I known since childhood only that many of it was forgotten. This movie shows Alice falling down the rabbit hole and returning to the Wonderland after 13 years... reuniting with her childhood friends. Stretching and shrinking herself with the "Eat Me" cake and "Drink Me" potion. How she finds her destiny, saving Mad Hatter, slaying the dragon where she eventually wins the Red Queen and stop her terror.
Denver finds the movie creepy due to the heavy makeup and effects. After explaining the story to him, he enjoyed it much better especially towards the 2nd half of the show. He said he likes the DorMouse most since it is the cutest among all. hehehe :D

So where is Gladys all this while??? She was at my inlaws house. The movie was too Big and Scary for her age. So to make up to her, we took her out to play too after dinner. She had food and also story telling session with me while Denver went for his Chinese tuition lesson.

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