Friday, August 22, 2008

~ New Glasses ~

Can't recall when I made my previous pair of spectacles.. hmmm.. should be at least 2-3 years back. I don't usually change my glasses frequently because it is still in good condition.. The idea to change it is because it's getting loose and the design is outdated.

Went to make a new pair last week and I collected it just awhile ago. :) Nowadays, trendy glasses are rectangular in shape.. no longer the oval, egg shell kind that I had years back...The colours are also more vibrant and daring.. unlike the chrome, silver kind that I had before. (Thats why I want to change it :p).. Well, I hesitated between the red and light purple glasses.. but end up choosing the 2nd one as the colour on the frame will be lasting and less obvious if it starts to fade off. Got to choose one that can last me another couple of years to make the money worth! (Cost $220).

Right now, I am still trying to get use to my new glasses.. although there isn't a change in the degrees, the lens are longer and slightly narrower.. most importantly, hope I look better in my new glasses. :)

Before (Old Glasses)

After (New Glasses)

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