Friday, August 15, 2008

~ August is Oral Health Month ~

Went to Compass Point today (as usual) as Denver wanted to play Arcade. We later took him to a roadshow organized by Colgate where they bring the dentist right down to the people and giving dental checkup for FREE! We went through a few stations to learn about cavities and the proper way to brush your teeth. The whole 'journey' took us about 20 minutes and we got free toothpaste and towel at the end. :) Denver's teeth was alright (no sign of decaying tooth) and the Dentist only advice to bring him to have some scaling done. :)

The other wonderful news today is Singapore finally got an Olympic medal since our first medal in 1960. :D It was so exciting watching the tennis games against Korea. So stressing that I rather wait for the final score. Hhehehe. We will be competing against China in the finals.. although the chances of winning is slim, I still happy to know we got at least a Silver medal. :D

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