Monday, May 05, 2008

~ HFMD ~

Last thursday night, Denver complained that he has mouth ulcers and felt pain. Hubby and I checked and found that there are 2 ulcers on the left side. Due to the recent increased number of Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease cases, we decided to let him stay home for a day.

Denver was bubbly and did not develop any fever. No spots were also found... however, by Sunday, his mouth uclers have grown to 5 spots... one of which was self bitten. :S Denver usually will develop ulcers whenever he had too much heaty food...but considering the seriousness it could lead to, hubby took him to see a doctor this morning.

There were no spots on the hands and foot... however, some rashes were found on the nappy area. To be on a precaution side, the doctor gave him 5 days of medical leave. I have to called the school and notify them that Denver has been diagnose as a suspected case of HFMD. They were very concern as I understand there have been a few suspected cases in the school as well but were later confirmed as non-HFMD.

The weather has been really bad lately.. temperature is raising and it's the flu season..There are also increasing Dengue fever and HFMD cases. We really need to look after our health... especially our kids..

Mother's day is coming.. supposed to have a family dinner together ... let's hope Denver has got well and Hubby has no job on that day.

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