Thursday, May 01, 2008

~ Labour Day! ~

It's Labour Day (1st May)!! 10 years ago, Hubby and I officially got together on this date. Wow... 10 years already!? During this period, I have completed my university studies, got married, have a house and 2 kids. I wonder if that is considered an acheivement... hmmm. What will happen 10 years later? I can't tell..

Today is just like the other days... no special celebration. Hubby took Denver to swim in the morning while I stayed home to look after Gladys. Made some blunders over my work yesterday, so I had a short t-con in the morning and probably need to get it settled tomorrow. Sighz. Anyway.. it is still a holiday and I should just take a break.

Went to my mum's place for lunch and stayed for awhile. Didn't get a chance to see my brothers which is a shame though. Took the kids to United Square later and got Denver 2 Education CDs and a sticker book. He has been playing stickers with me every night and really enjoying it. :) Had a short nap and went back to my inlaw's place for a nice dinner - Chilli Crab and Chicken Wing! Yummy!!

Just returned from Hougang Point and the kids are sound asleep. Denver has been singing me songs he learned from school.. He even said he is going to give me a flower on Mother's Day. I wonder if he knows exactly when is Mother's day.. but we shall see..heehehhee.

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