Monday, April 28, 2008

~ HOT! HOT! HOT! ~

Its a Hot Hot Day!! The moment I left my comfort zone (i.e. Air-condition on the MRT), I can feel the hot, blazing morning sun especially when standing along the road waiting for the company bus. There's no where to hide... and I am perspiring. I felt so relief when the bus finally reached and I quickly hope on back to my comfort zone again...Phew....

The weather continued to be harsh.. I can feel the heat even in the evenings. This made the trip home so exhausting.. :( The most important thing that I did when I got home is to get a COLD BATH! I did not even bother to switch on the water heater like I usually do.... Felt so Cooling and Fresh when I step out of the bathroom... however, only moments later, the heat came back dwelling on me again..

The night is so unbearable... we have to power up the fans and switch on the air-condition to cool the rooms down. Our electrical bill is sure to go up up up too.. :( Ah long we can get a good night sleep.. and the kids don't fall sick under this weather.

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