Thursday, April 24, 2008

~ Sus Farewell Party ~

Had a loooong day and night yesterday... Why? Because Soo Kiat, our good buddy and colleague is leaving MSD. He joined the company about half a year later than me... so it has been 3 years now...My first impression of him was not that great as he is a man of few words who seldom smile. Cool guy... but Andrea and I got to know him better and he has helped us in many ways as well as super 'ON' on Andrea's tricks and jokes.

Yesterday finally arrived... and we are going to celebrate his departure. We have planned Lunch and Dinner/KTV 'dates"... Present, card, 'cheena' wine, food.. all were ready after weeks of preparation. We had our private lunch first with SK, NT, AG and me. Had urmmm .. super simple basic food (which AG's sister say it seems like making offerings). hahahah.. that's true cos our "GOD" (well known in the company) is leaving. Had role play and fun on SK's car on our way back..

Dinner appointment is also another major event... we had about 16 of us. Lucky there are 3 cars to take us out of the ulu Tuas to 凤波庄 in Chinatown. The resturant is a very interesting place... The waiters will call you 侠女... The chopsticks are call 双节棍.. Each dish has a name - 玉女心经, 乾坤大挪移 etc... the tables also have been named like 东邪, 西毒 etc...

The dishes are standard sets arranged by them and OH MY... its really alot! Even without rice, I had my fill.. some are pretty good while others are so so.. It has a different taste... not really local. But overall I would say it's really interesting.. I like the 大丸... it has 糯米 on the outside, as you bite it, there is meat inside and in the center core.. it is salty egg yolk! Nice!! The other signature dish is the 活水鱼... the soup is not really spicy.. but abit sour.. like tomyam. The fish meat inside is soft and good. 玉女心经 is also tasty... soft n taste a bit like 白斩鸡.. The other one is green vege cooked with 皮蛋.. also taste good too! There is a small duck...I believe they cooked it very long.. so its really soft and tender. There's 2 dishes that I don't like. One of them is the beef cooked with Red chilli.. My personal feel is it's too spicy and salty. The other one was the 豆干... urmm.. too hard.. Other than that, everything is fine. :) Drinks are free flow... the waiter/waitress stand beside us and getting ready to serve us or clear our dishes.. Not bad.

Our bill came out to be $228...not really expensive for so many of us.. and the amount of food we had. We had fun! Everyone was enjoying themselves.. participated and speak like the waiter since we are now in a 江湖 'cheena' resturant.. :p We had jokes and NT and AO was so busy taking pictures.. We presented the card and present to SK and made him say a farewell Thank you speech at the end of the dinner.. Before we leave, the waiter was also very helpful to help us take a group photo! Nice...

After a heavy dinner, some of us continued for a KTV session. There were about 12 of us and really starting to get tired and stinky :p... We had a lot of fun singing and making jokes.. Although there are not many new songs, the drinks were free flow.. not too bad. Well.. All good things will come to an end.. My night teleconference is starting at 1030pm...Denver started calling me checking when I am going home.. I have to make a move first..

Left the KTV at 10pm... hopped on the NE line train and had my teleconference throughout my way home... Hubby and the kids are sound asleep and I really needed my bath.... headed towards the bathroom.. set my BB on speaker mode and had a quick shower.. The meeting finally ended around 1145pm.. and I can go to my dreamland... :D

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