Sunday, May 11, 2008

~ Happy Mother's Day ~

It has been a tiring week... My job scope started to change.. feeling restless... took Denver to the clinic yesterday to confirm that he is out of the HFMD suspicion. Yeah!!! He can finally go back to school... Gladys had her 5-in-one jab on Thursday and her left thigh starts to swell and appear red on Friday. Luckily the antibiotics that the Doctor prescribed did help to reduce the redness and swelling... else I have to make a trip down to the polyclinic tomorrow.

Today is Mother's day.. We had dinner with my inlaws last weekend and yesterday we celebrated with my mum at "Uncle Leong Seafood" located at AMK, Blk 233. Their speciality are Crabs.. It was my first time there and my brother ordered Butter and their famous "Golden Sand" aka Jin Sha Crab. Not bad.. it is different from the usual Chilli crab that I usually had with my hubby and his family. The fried seafood toufu, Deer meat, Vegetables and noodles are nice too.. Definitely another place to consider eating at...

Come to think of's the 5th year being a mother. Denver did not even realise today is Mother's Day.. :p Seems just like another weekend. We had dinner at Suki Sushi at Punggol Plazaa and had my favourite Japanese food.. :P Time is still early and we went to Ikea and Courts for a walk. Bought something really good at Ikea... Corner protectors! Really good compared to the usual ones which I bought outside which do not stick well at all. This one really looks cool and sticks really GOOD! At least Gladys won't be able to take them out so easily. :)

Ahh... another day has passed... Its Monday again :( Sucks.. It has been so long since I last had that kind of feeling. One thing I am looking forward is VACATION! There's going to be one coming in June!!! Yeah... I need a break... hoping all goes well.

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