Thursday, May 15, 2008

~ Denver's K1 Parent-Teacher Meeting Day ~

Today is Parent-Teacher Meeting Day. Took a couple of hours off and accompany Denver to his school.. Yesterday he show me his Progress report book and I flipped to the last page of the book to see what his teachers have commented. Was really happy to learn that Denver has been behaving well and good in school.

The scheduled time was 930am.. but Denver was so eager to go.. he keep calling and asking us when we are leaving... I guess he couldn't wait.. :p When we reached the school, he quickly show us where his classroom is... we waited for awhile before meeting his English teacher, Mrs Chong. She was full of praise and say Denver can read well... a matured boy and always lending a helping hand... Hmmmmm.. :p During the 10 days where he was confined at home and missed school, they thought he might have fallen behind his school work and forgot how to read some of the books... Apparently, he still did well and was able to recognise the words.

The usual 'talkative' son of mine didn't make a sound or word while we were talking.. So unlike him.. and he looks ackward and shy... sitting between us and making weird looking faces.. hehehe

Next Stop => Chinese teacher, Mrs Lin.... now this time we waited really long as she teaches Chinese for a couple of classes.. there are so many parents ahead of us.. A couple of them has been seated there for quite a while.. I only started to earsdrop when Mrs Lin was persuading one of the parent to spend the time on Mahjong to teach her daughter.. and not to let the maid teach her English. Wow... interesting..

We waited at least for half an hour before our turn comes... was really anxious as it seems a couple before us has something to 'complain' about... To my surprise, the first comment Mrs Lin said was "I have nothing to complain about Denver"... Wow... I am so glad.. I am even happier when she says Denver has been helpful and well behaved. The only downside is he tends to finish his writings quickly and also to take note of his prounciation. Other then that, he is dependable and eager to learn. Makes me a Happy and Proud Mummy. :D

Big Big Hugz to you Denver!! I really hope you will do the same at home as you have done well in school. :)

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