Wednesday, May 21, 2008

~ Late nights :( ~

It's always nice to have a long weekend...especially since it was Vesak Holiday on Monday.. but the sad thing is since then, I had been working late for 3 consecutive nights! Teleconferences on every night... and I just ended my weekly team meeting conference 5 minutes ago... Gosh..

Felt really bad as I have been 'pushing' the kids aside... making sure that they are asleep before my conferences start... because of that, I have been ignoring Denver...not able to read him books, play games and stickers with him.. I know he feels sad and needed my attention....but I told him Mummy needs to work. It will be good if he understands and learns not to depend on Mummy too much.

Denver has failed to do his homework this week.. we were really mad and Denver got a trashing from Daddy. He cried and was confined to his room.. just before I knew it, he has fallen asleep... I do find it difficult to manage him.. When we are really nice, he takes advantage of the situation and starts to misbehave.. When we are really strict and fierce, he cries so badly and looked pitiful. Sighz.

More work is coming.. and there will be more night teleconferences. I can only pray and hope I can manage this. At least I am really looking forward to the vacation coming June!

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