Sunday, December 16, 2007

~ Old Pals ~

It has been some time since I met my old friends from Secondary school. I have been busy with my 2 kids, work and house chores... So it is really good to see them again today :D

Hubby and I went to AMK Hub earlier this afternoon to do some shopping at NTUC Extra before meeting Linna, Meiqin and Aisi at Coffee Bean around 2pm. We all did not really change much except Linna seems to slim down quite a lot. Denver was really shy .. although he did talk, he seems rather uncomfortable. It took him some time before he starts to warm up. hehehe.. Gladys is happy (as usual) and busy looking for food. (mum mum).

There is Thomas and Friends Meet & Greet session and since we got a good viewing spot from Coffee Bean, we seated there waiting for the show to start at 4pm while chit chatting along the way.

After the show, I had to go off early as Gladys need to have her porridge feed. I guess that is the problem with having kids. You don't really have the freedom and time to do the things you wanted. Well, hope things will get better when they are older. :)

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