Wednesday, April 21, 2010

~ My First Attempt - Piano ~

I always envy those who can play the piano and even thought of playing one piece myself too... but not able to read the scores and not taken any piano lessons before, it is quite difficult and almost impossible.

I was only able to enjoy playing my keyboard using one hand which I am most comfortable with most of the time. It is so hard to co-ordinate with 2 hands and it is like how you are telling your brain to control your left and right hand separately.

After watching the KDrama - "You're Beautiful" recently, I wanted to try one of it's song "Without Words" so much! Youtube got some simple tutorials and the next steps are just memorizing and playing by intuition (gut-feeling)... (cos I cannot read/write the music notes!) :p

So this is really my first attempt trying to play a decent song using 2 hands.. It's kinda off beat and a couple of mistakes here and there.. But I guess not too bad for a starter who learned for 4 days and never taken any lessons before.

One of my simple pleasure that I enjoy once in a while.

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