Sunday, April 25, 2010

~ Morning activities with Gladys ~

We are back to our normal routine since Hubby is back from his business trip! As usual, Hubby took Denver to his swimming lesson and I'm home alone with Gladys. Our little girl always felt deprived of not being able to go to the pool with her Gor Gor. So today, she gets to go cycle and have fun at the playground instead. :)

I love my neighbourhood because there are 2 playgrounds (1 right downstairs and the other at the nearby blocks a couple of steps away). Also, there is an open space and small field for children to play ball, skate, cycle or run around.

We are pretty early and hence Gladys has the playground all to herself. ^_^

Gladys resting by the side... Our home is just upstairs. :)

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