Tuesday, April 20, 2010

~ Welcome Home, Daddy! ~

Yeah!! Hubby finally return from his business trip!! Bbil took us to pick him at the Airport after dinner. Denver & Gladys can't wait to see their Daddy! Both of them waited eagerly at the arrival hall and keeping their eyes on a look out.

It was a pretty long wait... Gladys was happily jumping and running around while Denver started to get impatient. Suddenly, he started to cry! Probably too tired? Or the anticipation to see his Daddy is just too much to bear? Poor boy.... Must be missing him too much over the past 2 weeks!

We finally spotted Hubby as he makes his way to the belt to collect his luggage. Denver was still sniffing away and it was such a heart-warming sight to see the children running towards their Daddy as he exit through.

Each of them received big hugs and kisses as we make our way back home. ^_^ It is GREAT to have Hubby back! Yippee!!!

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