Monday, April 05, 2010

~ Mid-Year Examination Timetable is Out! ~

Denver came home earlier today telling me that he has a very important note for me to sign from school. Yup! It is his Mid-Year Examination timetable schedule together with the topics that are going to be covered.

SA1 Examination Timetable
19th - 21st April : English and Chinese Oral.
4th May : Listening Comprehension and Spelling (English)
5th May : Listening Comprehension (Chinese)
7th May : English Language
10th May : Chinese Language
11th May : Mathematics

Wow.. seems like a very tight schedule to me and it will be 30% to his final examination score.

April is definitely going to be a very busy month going forward and it didn't help much either with Hubby going away on his Business trip tomorrow. Hopefully I can keep my sanity and manages everything in order.

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