Saturday, April 10, 2010

~ While Hubby is away - Day 5 ~

It has been a long time since I accompany Denver to his swimming lesson. It was a cooling morning and we arrived at the pool early. Denver had some free time to play while waiting for his instructor to come.

Denver is learning backstroke now and also how to dive in from the start (like those in the swimming competition). After lesson, he bathed himself in the toilet while I waited outside. I guess Hubby will follow Denver in when he is around... so this is the first time I am leaving it everything to him alone. heheh.

The rest of the day is basically spending time with the children studying, having our lunch and playing at Compasspoint and the rest of the evening at home. Gladys wanted to paint and so it is another round of messy session again.

End of Day 5 and I am still keeping my sanity except with more bodyaches. :p

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