Thursday, March 06, 2008

~ Strolling ~

Lately, we have been taking the kids out on a stroll after dinner. We walked to Rivervale mall, Punggol Plaza or either that, we just stroll around the neighbourhood.

Gladys is still wobbly while walking, always bump around and fall. The first day we took her down, she was really not stable. After a couple of times, she is getting better and really loves strolling! Although she don't talk a lot, she understands us. Whenever we put on her little red shoes, she knew we are bringing her to "Gai Gai". I will hold her little hands and Barry will hold Denver. Gladys will take little steps and walk rather slow... but that's ok. :)

There has been a lot of rain and wind lately.. on the evenings when the sky is clear, it is really cooling. The only downside is the wet floors. It is also a good exercise for us...

Wonder where we can go next.. :)

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