Friday, February 29, 2008

~ Leap Year ~

Today is 29th Feb (leap day)... A date that comes only every four years. 2008 is hence a leap year... On today's papers, they have featured people who were born on this day. How they felt about celebrating their birthdays every four years instead of yearly.. and what is like being a 'leapling'.

Imagine a person who is celebrating his 21st birthday was already 84 years! Well, on other non leap years, they could either have their birthday bash on 28th Feb or 1st Mar.. but I'm sure today is a special day for them... There are even couples who chose this date as their wedding day. :)

I wonder if there are any special promotions or big discounts for those celebrating their birthdays today? Afterall, they have to wait another 4 years to enjoy the priviledges. ;)

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