Wednesday, February 27, 2008

~ Recovery ~

After falling ill for almost 1 month... (My worst ever so far).. I am on the verge of recovery. My ability to smell gradually returned after 2 weeks. However, I realise my sense of smell is not as sensative as before.. I still have slight cough and mild headache occasionally. Maybe it is a signal that I am getting urmm 'older'. I actually took 4 days MC within 2 months... Woooo..

A couple of things happened during this period.. There was Valentine's day on 14th Feb. While couples are celebrating on this day, Hubby decided to treat me on 元宵节 (Chinese Valentine) instead. Well, so long we are happily and loving together, a simple dinner/lunch is just great. Taking into consideration that we are not the romantic kind of couple.

20th Feb was Andrea's birthday... Norman, Sookiat and I decided to celebrate for her! This could jolly be the last time we are celebrating birthdays together as a group... I am glad to know this group of pals! Of course, to remember this memorial event, a group photo is definitely a MUST! Not bad huh... ;) They said I slim down. (After falling sick for so long).. But I guess maybe it's the black T-shirt. :p

Hubby finally bought a PSP last friday - 22nd Feb. Denver and hubby has been hoping for one and it seems I am the only bad guy playing "No! No!... Cannot buy!"... Simply for 2 reasons.. 1) Waste money. 2) Afraid the kids will hook on to the games. For reason 1, Hubby took out his Piggy Bank of $1 coins to pay for the PSP.. As for reason 2, Denver has been doing his homework... and for the past 1 week, he has observed the rules. He was only allowed to play on Friday to Sunday and so far, he did as he was told and I am glad. Well, I can only hope he underestands.

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