Wednesday, March 26, 2008

~ Anchorvale CC ~

Another working from home day... time really flies.. going to the end of March and I am getting my performance bonus soon.. (Pathetic though - but better than nothing).

We were back at my inlaw's place early... on our way back, I was telling hubby that Nicole told me that a new Community Club has opened in early March near Anchorvale. We decided to pop by and had a look..

The main attraction there is the big swimming pool and running track which is still under construction. I can see twisted slides and splashing pools... it could be an Olympic size swimming pool at the side too. Looks really neat! It will surely bring some life to the neighbourhood.

The community club is new and there are the usual classes, multi-purpose hall for private functions. On the 4th storey, there is a nice rooftop area with a good view of the Pool.. nice..

While we were touring, Hubby got his usual sms on 4D... and to his delight, he strike a starters prize from Gladys' birth cert number :D. Tomorrow is his birthday and the prize money really comes in handy and right on time.
When we reached home, we received a note in our letterbox. "Colour Scheme Survey"...Wow..

Our flats are already 5 years and in the Repairs and Redecoration project, the blocks are going to get a new coat of paint.. so they have recommended 3 sets of colour schemes for the residents to choose. One vote per household... interesting leh.. I never heard of this before.. At least this did not happen when my mum's 3 room flat just got a new coat of paint for their flats.

So now, there are 3 proposed colour schemes.. that's perfectly fine.. but the stupid thing is they pasted each of them at different block's void deck's notice board. :S My block's notice board had Proposal A.. we went to Blk 158D and it was Proposal A too.. headed to Blk 159A and finally saw Proposal B.. try our luck at 157D and found Proposal C. Can't they paste all the 3 Proposals together for easier references? We can also do a better comparison too... If saving Paper is a concern... they can just centralize it at a particular notice board rather than having us searching around. I wonder if every residents have that patience..

Anyway, the colours are either going back to the original coat or mainly Orange... the good thing is either one of the 3 is fine... shall cast our vote soon :)

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