Wednesday, June 18, 2008

~ Cranky Gladys ~

Gladys has been giving me headache for the past 2 nights.. :( Usually she is fast asleep within the hour .. but it's not happening lately.. by 10pm she is still awake.. not even letting my hubby hugging her to bed. Started to cry badly when he tries to carry her.. which is so strange as she used to let him "sayang" her to bed..

I just ended my weekly team meeting and tonight was really bad.. The teleconference started at 930pm and Gladys is still awake.. She rejected her Daddy and I ended carrying her throughout the meeting session. I had to tell my boss that I need to mute the phone to avoid interruption and of course the noise. Denver has also been noisy too.. he went to bed but end up waking up and crying for Mummy... :(

I wonder if it is the after effects from the Malaysia trip.. think we have to take them to pray else I will have difficult times aheads.. Hopefully the rest of the week will be good and the kids can sleep well..

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