Tuesday, March 03, 2009

~ Emergency ~

Quite a fair bit of things happened lately.... Last month hubby and I just got into a car accident. Dad had a surgery 2 weeks ago... and on Monday evening, Mom called me in panick saying that Dad could not get out of bed! Hubby and I rushed down and took Dad to TTSH.. He was having a fever and his back was in pain.. :(

We went straight to the A&E and registered him at the counter.. Only 1 person is allowed to enter with the patient.. I kept Dad company while hubby waited outside.. It was a long wait.... I can see that Dad was in pain and he was enduring it... Owen arrived shortly.. he was in bad shape too. Brother says he fell in the toilet at home and fractured his right arm. :( His arm is in cast and could not lift up at all.. Sighz...I do hope its not serious and he gets well soon..


Dad finally gets to see the doctor. He was being examined and I took him to do an x-ray. It was bad.. he could not turn and he was in pain. The nurse advice me that I can request to put him on a trolley bed instead of the wheelchair if there are similiar situation next time. Dad will not be inconvenience and he'll feel more comfortable. The nurse was very kind and helped me to get a trolley bed, put dad on the bed and also help me to find another nurse to push him back to see the doctor.


The Doctor draw some blood for testing and injected painkiller so that Dad would be relieve of some of the pain. By now his fever has rised to 38.5 degrees. I went out to inform brother and hubby of the situation. Initially we thought of leaving Dad in Owen's care but his arm is in bad shape and he wouldn't be able to manage alone if Dad was able to go home. So we decided to wait for the blood test results which will be another 1-2 hours time.


Dad was pushed to the observation ward 25 to rest.. The painkiller seems to have taken effect and dad is not in severe pain.. but he is still feverish and started to shiver. I can only enter when the doctors have left.. There were no chairs as visitors were not allowed to enter in the first place. I sat by the bed, hold on to Dad's hand as he rest... Dad didn't feel the urge to urine yet.. so we were not able to take his urine sample for testing..


I had to wait outside the ward as the doctors came.. He examined Dad and shortly the nurses pushed him to the toilet to take his urine sample. Big brother arrived shortly and waiting outside with Owen and hubby.

11 plus

I was still waiting outside the ward checking out on the situation.. couldn't really see if Dad has return to the ward.. Finally, I saw the doctor talking to Dad and asked if I can enter.. The nurse let me in (Thank goodness) and the doctor advice that at his age, his bones are detoriating.. he has a minor lung infection and possible slip disc condition..Oh dear :( Dad would need to be admitted for further observation. I went out to prepare for his admission registration.
Met up with hubby and my brothers and told them on the findings.. at least Dad is currently being monitored and care for by in the hospital. I just hope he would not be in such pain..sigh..I also called mum and updated her so that she can go and rest... We waited for quite awhile before settling the admission procedures...


Dad was pushed out and heading towards the ward. Brothers and hubby finally get to see him and we were allowed to follow. He was temporary being put in the observation ward 11A till tomorrow. It was a Class B ward and it's so cooold! Only my dad and another patient is in the 4 bedded room.. We asked for another blanket, left our contact numbers and leaves Dad to rest.
Big brother left and Hubby sent Owen back home... I was sooo hungry and bought a $2 McChicken burger... Munching along on our way back home.


We finally reached home... The kids were asleep with my inlaws tonight.. Hubby said the bed looks so big and empty and he felt something is missing.. I had a quick bath and rest... Hubby was fast asleep... I am busted too but I find myself tossing and turning on the bed thinking and wondering if Dad is sleeping well.. if his fever has subsided.. or if he is shivering cold... :( Reminds me of the time when I gave birth to Denver and I was pushed to my ward in the middle of the night.. managing the pain after delivery, groaning and shivering cold for the whole night not able to sleep.. I pray and hope Dad would be sleeping well and recovering soon...

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