Sunday, February 08, 2009

~ Another stress weekend ~

After enjoying a couple of weeks of peace due to the CNY holidays, I am back to the weekend support for the 4th time. Frankly speaking, I still haven't got the hang of it... and luck isn't on my side too.

I had 2 alarmpoint message on Saturday morning right after my duty starts.. and I couldn't close the case because it was an overlook on my side. Lucky I spot the mistake and got it fixed. Another page came in on Sunday morning 248am... I drag my body out to the living and realise there is a case which I should have done at Sunday 1am and not Monday 1am.. Aiyo.. apparently I got the time mixed up.. :(

Anyway, I must have been too tired and couldn't think properly.. was unsure of the case and ended up calling up my lead for advice again. Opps. Finally finished off the case at 3 plus am and I was tired.. but, I couldn't sleep.. :( Soon, I started to sneeze non stop and nose started to run. I ended up sleeping in the living room through the rest of the night till the next morning when Gladys came yelling for Mummy.

Hubby helped to feed the kids and bathed them, while I catch a couple more minutes of sleep. Still, I woke up at 8.30am and got ready to take Denver to his Speech and Drama class. At noon time, we went to Compass Point for lunch and took them to the library to borrow some books. Just as I thought that we can go window shop for a little while more, my Blackberry got alerted again. :( We headed back home straight and I worked on the case again.. By now, I was very tired and try to take a little nap but ended up being page again an hour later.. sighz... couldn't sleep after that and I keep Denver company by reading storybooks together with him.

Everytime I went out for lunch/dinner, I will pray hard that the alerts don't come in.. so that my family can eat in peace.. Today's dinner was ok and now I have another 12 hours to go before I can hand off my weekend support duty. Hopefully I can have a good night sleep. Yawnzzzz

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