Tuesday, February 10, 2009

~ The night without BB and Laptop ~

15 days of the CNY holidays are finally over.

I was rather happy on my way back yesterday.. It has been ages since I came home without my laptop and not being disturbed by my Blackberry... Why? Because my account is being migrated and I'm not suppose to logon in the progress. So happy... and the load is definitely lightened... I did not read my emails and can have complete rest and concentration at home. Too bad it's only for a short night...

It was 元宵节 and I get to 捞鱼生 for the 4th and final time with my family, sil and inlaws. :D After that, we went back home and open up all the angpows the children have collected this year. Denver and Gladys love to tear up the red packets.. seeing the $2, $10 notes lying all over the bed.. Final count $1112... It wasn't as much compared to last year but it's considered a substantial amount especially due to the poor economic situation lately. Time to save up!

Don't know why I felt so tired all of a sudden and really doze off for awhile.. I missed seeing the full moon which was suppose to be the largest in the past 52 years. I could have had the chance to go down and take a nice picture but was too lazy and tired to do so.

Lately hasn't been happy at work.. can't tell exactly why... I guess I am getting too tired and wanted to spend more time with the kids. But $$$ is still an important factor to consider.. I can only wish and hope that Hubby strike a big Toto prize or Lottery. Ah Well.. back to my realistic world.........

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