Thursday, February 12, 2009

~ Black Thursday and Missing Child ~

Tomorrow is Friday 13th.. the so call Black Friday.. but I already had a lousy lousy day today.

Had a late night meeting yesterday till mid-night and woke up by my blackberry alert at 615am. After that continuous issues start to pop up. I had a busy busy morning... Then I received a phone call from Denver's Chinese teacher that he had a slight injury while playing in school. Apparently he and another student knock against each other accidentally and Denver's lips was injured. Luckily it wasn't serious....

Afternoon wasn't any better.. I started to have a headache and felt sleepy.. A couple of complain emails also came in.. Felt so tired.. Just as when I thought it's the end of the day and I can go back for dinner, Hubby called to say Denver is nowhere to be found! OMG!

He picked me up and we rushed back to my inlaws's place.. I called sil and she said Denver is not back yet! :( I was SOOOO WORRIED! Hubby and I went to search around the nearby blocks.. but no luck... So I decided to go up and check.. Sil came down this moment and said Denver is back home! PHEEEEWWWWWWW..... such a big relief ....

Denver looked very tired when I saw him... He didn't bath and said he was not hungry. We didn't scold him.. only reminded him that he should tell his grandparents or an adult before going anywhere... Apparently, he heard the baby at 13th floor keep crying and went down to have a look. Somehow, he stayed there and didn't return. Luckily my mil heard his voice and manage to find him.. Mil said he doesn't look right and suggested that we bring him to pray.

We had a quick dinner and went back home.. The earlier scare tired me off completely. Nevertheless, we took the kids out to Punggol Plaza for a Japanese meal which is Denver favourite. That cheered him up abit. We also bought jelly and watermelon which he likes..

Upon reaching home, I had a little personal chat with Denver.. telling him that he really made all of us worried sick today. Also the importance of telling an adult in the family before leaving the house. I know that Denver started to feel upset again... but he promise me that he won't do it again. Sometimes children can be very careless and mindless.. As parents, we can help to remind them and hopefully they will learn to be responsible and be safe and sound.

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