Tuesday, February 03, 2009

~ Expiring Passport ~

Hubby wanted to plan for a short, budget trip to Vietnam this April/May.. There was a promotion by Tiger airways where the airfare is on 33% discount. Really looks attractive and the hotels are not too expensive.

He was ready to make the booking online yesterday when we realise that my passport is expiring in September this year! Hmmmm... it's going to be within 6 months of expiry and I doubt we can go ahead and make our bookings.. :( I called up Tiger airways this morning and true enough, even if I renew my passport, it will be over the promotion period and booking via the phone does not enjoy the 33% discount airfare.

Well, there goes our travel plans... I will have to find time to renew my passport first and see if we can make plans for other on-coming trips.

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