Sunday, February 22, 2009

~ Hospitalization ~

Dad has been bleeding during urination... so he was scheduled to have an operation to remove the stones in his bladder the past Thursday. I took a day leave and Hubby sent us to TTSH. We registered at the Day Surgery Centre and I kept Dad company at the waiting ward where he changed his clothes and the nurse measure his blood pressure and asks some questions. He was later pushed to another ward for his operation at 11am. It's going to take about 2-3 hours...

Hubby went off to work while I go home and do some house cleaning. Left home again and have lunch at Compasspoint. I bought some Chinese magazines for Dad and travel down to Novena. Along the way, hospital called to say Dad's just finished operation and they'll call again. I went to walk around the shopping malls... but not really in a mood. The hospital finally called again that I can come to visit.

Dad looked really tired after the operation. He was feeling dizzy and in pain. I was glad I was there as the nurses came to ask a lot of questions. I managed to speak with the doctor later. Apprantly there was another condition with Dad which I didn't konw. He had a prostate enlargement and during the operation, both the stones and part of the prostate was removed. Part of it was sent to the labs for testing to make sure it wasn't cancerous. I hope the results would be fine.

I kept Dad company for the rest of the afternoon and talked to him abit.. Later, the nurses came to inform that Dad needs to change ward as there are now beds available in the Class C ward. I was running late already as I need to go home to pick the kids.. Lucky big brother and Pat has come to visit and I leave for home first.

It has been a tiring day and I fall sick the next day. Worked in the morning for half a day and went on MC.. Hubby fetched me to visit Dad in the afternoon... he was looking so much better. The doctor says he can be discharged on Saturday if his condition is good. :D

After waiting.... Dad finally got home this morning! He would have to watch out for his health and go hospital if there is fever or bleeding again. Doctor also advice him to be careful at home, no carrying of heavy stuff and walk slowly to avoid falls.

Although Dad is 74 years old, he is very independent. During the stay, he can answers the questions well and listens to instruction. I am really glad... The prostate results will be out after a few weeks.. hopefully everything will goes well.

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