Wednesday, February 18, 2009

~ Car Accident ~

We had a shocking evening.. Hubby's car was being hit by a lorry from behind while he was driving from a slip road turning out to the main road at Sengkang. Denver, Gladys and I were sitting at the back at the time. It was a loud BANG and we were SHOCKED!

Hubby's car boot was badly damaged... :( He was already sick and lost his voice.. so I had to be his translator..I helped to call his agent, insurance company and the tow services.. Actually I also caught a flu earlier and was on MC yesterday.. now all the talking also make my throat uncomfortable and dry. sighz...

Luckily none of us were injured.. Denver even got down the car to see the damages.. he even walked up to the lorry driver and ask him "Uncle, why you knock my Daddy's car?" ....... and that uncle actually reply him that it was an accident.. So funny. Well, hopefully hubby can claim the payments smoothly.

We took pictures, wrote down the details and hubby drove back home. The tow servcies say they will come at 9.30pm to tow the car away. We waited and they call up to say it has to be changed to 1230am cos all their drivers are out... Fine.. we waited again... by 12 midnight, the guy called again and ask if we can change it to 6am instead.. -____- I was kinda frastrated by then... cos I am tired..just ended my late night meeting and my hubby waited for them to come..Now they are telling me that they couldn't make it! I wasn't too harsh on him and kinda indicate that it wasn't too fair for us.. making us waited for sooo long.. Then again, there is nothing he can do. Well, no point waiting... I request that they'll be punctual at 615am instead....which they did. I got an early morning call at 6.10am and the car is finally being towed away for repairs..

Hubby managed to loan a replacement car.. a new Toyota Vios model. Denver likes the 'new' car and finds it cool.. It will be with us for another 10 to 12 days as that's the amount of time before our car is returned. That's very looooong and I hope all the accident payments eventually get sorted and settled soon.

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