Sunday, February 22, 2009

~ No Bake Yogurt Cheesecake - Part 1 ~

I have been trying to cook lately.. developing a new interest? Hmmm.. I dunno.. but I have been practicing. :) Just yesterday, I cooked rice, steam egg (again), steam chicken which Hubby has marinated and fried hotdogs for dinner. Not a very healthy meal.. cos there are no vegetables. Got to try make some next time.

I was browsing through a couple of food blog and discovered this delicious cheesecake receipe..The best part of it is there is no baking required! Since I don't have an oven at home.. this is PERFECT!! The other good thing about this receipe is the ingredients required are very simple.. really a good try for first timer like me!

Told hubby about my plans... picked up the courage and bought the stuff... I went back home and started following the receipe.. End result... urmmm not too bad... just that the biscuit is not thick enough.. the cheese layer also seems to be too soft.. Hmmm.. I ended added another biscuit layer on top to increase the depth.. Ehhh.. Now it looks like a cheesy biscuit than a cake. I tried a piece and see if my stomach runs before letting Hubby and Denver try them. Hubby said it's Not Bad and Denver likes it too! :) Don't know if Hubby was hungry or what.. but he very 赏脸 and finished half of my 'chesse biscuits' in a day.. :D

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