Monday, June 21, 2010

~ OCBC Mighty Savers & Karate Kid ~

Took a full day off and planned a series of activities to keep Denver company. First, is going to OCBC Bank to activate the children's Mighty Savers account which we have applied last month. Denver and I sat down and counted all the coins which he has saved since the beginning of the year. Total of $43.80. I separated $20 worth of coins and we went down to OCBC Bank to deposit Denver's very first own personal savings. :)

I think Denver finds it interesting to see that the money is being passed to the lady at the counter and eventually stamp on his bank account book.

Denver gets to bring home a new card and stickers and for every $1 he saves, he will stick a sticker on his card. Once Denver saves up to $20, he can bring the complete card to OCBC bank and get a little Mighty Savers gift. :) Every month, OCBC will have a different gift for every $20 deposit. There is a whole series of ocean adventure book to collect + an additional gift which changes every month. Month of May was Mother's Day theme and this month was for Father's Day. I wonder if this will motivates Denver to save his pocket money more. Of course I didn't forget about Gladys and she too got her account activated with $20 deposit. ^_^

After having some fun and food at the Sakae carnival and got drenched in the rain, we took the train down to Bishan for a movie treat - The Karate Kid. It's a 140 minutes show starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. The movie was about Dre Parker (Jaden) who moves to China with his mother and got involved in a series of fights with the neighbourhood bully. He was saved by Mr Han (Jackie) who is a maintenance man at Dre's building during a brutal beating by the bully and his friends. In the attempt to make peace, Dre was forced to enter a tournament and the story went on with Mr Han training Dre Kung Fu in preparation for the competition.

I like the training session scenes and the interaction between Jaden and Jackie which has a mixture of humour and sense. Although I do find some of the fighting scenes a bit harsh and brutal, it was overall a very entertaining film. Denver felt the excitement, had a good laugh and also couldn't bear to watch the kissing scene. ^_^ We had a good time and today was well planned and spent.

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