Sunday, June 20, 2010

~ Father's Day dinner @ Sakae Sushi ~

We are back at Sakae Sushi again! Seems like we have been dining at Sakae every alternate month or so. :p This time we are utilizing the $50 voucher which I won in the Sakae Monthly Bloggers Affair in March to treat Hubby in celebration for Father's Day.

To avoid the long queue and crowd, we decided to pre-celebrate a week earlier. :) In addition, I also chose to dine at the Sakae outlet located in Changi Airport Terminal 2. Why?? Apart for plainly trying out at a new location, there are also other various reasons...

1) For a chance to be a Changi Millionaire when you spend a minimum of $60 in a single receipt at all outlets in Changi Airport.(More details:

2) For every $30 spent at Changi Airport in a single receipt, you can redeem two tokens to ride the 12 metre slide located at Terminal 3!

3) Sakae is located near the viewing mall and there are many shops and activities around T2 and T3 where the whole family can enjoy after dining. :)

Here we are!! There is already a queue forming and luckily it is not too long. There is so much space around and the children can't help finding themselves running around.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Big Hugz from the kiddos.

After accumulating so many dining experience at Sakae, Gladys is now an expert and knows what she wanted. She already set her target on the Tomago sushi and once the plates are within her reach, SWOP.. its on the table right in front of her. Hahaha.. the excitement that comes from grabbing your food.

We had many plates of sushi today...I got so busy with taking the photos till I lost track on which one I have missed. :p

Cups for adults and for our kiddos. :)

I realized for the outlet at T2, they have a piece of damp cloth placed under the hot water dispenser. This is great as many times, the hot water tends to drip or over flow from the cup. In this way, the damp cloth will soak up the hot water keeping it safe, clean and neat. But it seems to me this is not available at the other outlets which we went. Maybe they can consider doing so for every Sakae outlets.

We had a good meal and the bill came out to be over $70! We get a chance for the Millionaire draw and also 4 free rides to The Slide @ T3. Hahaha.. It's not a bad idea to dine at Changi afterall. ^_^


  1. wahhh... rm50 voucher for sakae sushi.. not bad wor... i only have rm5 voucher for sushi king! haha... have not try sakae sushi yeT! :D

  2. clicked your ads too! happy father day~ :)

  3. Hi Henry, I didn't try sushi king before :) You can go try Sakae :)

    Hi Ju Ann, Many thanks! Happy Week Ahead!