Monday, December 08, 2008

~ Play Station 3 ~

After much arguments, Hubby finally bought his PS3 today.. Was quite reluctant and unhappy about it for quite awhile... end up have to adjust my mindset and just let it go.

Anyway, tomorrow is Owen and Huijie's ROM.. His inlaws travelled down from Malaysia to attend their ceremony tomorrow. We went to his house to visit... The kids love their uncle and aunt very much. :) Unfortunately, Gladys had a slip and injured her right foot causing her to limp after that.. :( We headed to Bugis to have lunch but I kept worrying about Gladys' injury.. On the other hand, Hubby finally and happily bought his PS3 at the Sony shop.

We later went to Vivo City to meet up with my brother (again) as I left my bag at his house earlier... It was raining and we had a tough time finding a carpark lot.. took about half an hour to finally park at the open space carpark opposite Vivo.. sighz.

I got my bag back.. shopped around, bought a Kungfu Panda PS3 game for Denver as his Christmas present and we headed home... Wow.. what a tiring day! Hubby and Denver are excited though.. busy setting up the PS3. Gladys on the other hand.. keep on limping.. hopefully she'll get better soon.

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