Saturday, December 06, 2008

~ Swimming @ Hougang Swimming Pool ~

Denver changed swimming instructor lately.. so he is having his lesson with his new teacher today at the Hougang Swimming Complex.. Gladys wanted to tag along and so we all went to the poolside (again)...

While Denver is having his lessons, Hubby took Gladys to the baby pool to play.. but came back shortly as she wanted to play the slides and hubby cannot look after her alone.. so she is back to the middle pool and seeing other kids and her brother jumping into the pool... she must have find it soooo interesting and fun that she follows suit too!!! She dived in to the pool and lucky Daddy is ready to catch her from below.

Even though she drank water but she was determined to climb up again and dive in again and again and again! She only stopped when she cut her knee on her way her to the pool... sighz. Well.. the good sign is that she is not scared of the water like Mummy.

Preparing for the Dive...


Making way back to the top

Here she goes AGAIN!

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