Monday, December 01, 2008

~ Weekend Support ~

It was my first time being part of the Weekend Support call last weekend.. I need to standby from Saturday 9am till Monday 9am. I was pretty nervous and keep watching out for calls on my Blackberry for fear of missing any alerts..

Still, I sneaked out of the house twice.. Once was because hubby needed to go to see the doctor.. the 2nd time was to Compass Point. I was praying so hard that no page to come in during both times..

Lucky for me.. it was Thanksgiving week.. hence throughout the weekend, I did not got any page. I guess everyone is on holiday mood.. Phew!!

I woke up early this morning at 5 plus to check and counting down to another 4 hours before I handed the Primary calls to HCL. While travelling to work.. I hoped that there will be no alerts. (at least not when I'm travelling.. ).. Finally reached office at 825am.. another 35mins to go.. Thinking that there won't be any pages, I went to order a nice breakfast and sat down to eat. :)

Tick tick tick tick... I finished breakfast at 840am and began happily chatting with my colleagues... when suddenly, my blackberry rang! It was from alarmpoint and I am paged at 851am.. 10mins before hand off time.. #$%#@$

I rush up and login to check what was the issue... called CTC and realize the case cannot be done by us.. sighz.. Called my US colleague to check where I can advice to route the case to and that finally ends my first Weekend call support. :P The next time round will be on Christmas weekend.. (*crossing my fingers and toes) :p

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