Monday, December 15, 2008

~ 1 Week Leave ~

I was on leave last friday and took Denver to the Dentist. It was his first time visit and I can see he is a bit nervous. :) On our way to the dental, I asked him.. "So, who shall go first?" Denver said.. "Mummy first!" :p

So I went for my checkup first while he stands aside and watched. Well, it wasn't too bad... when it was his turn, the dentist talked to him as he lies down. Generally his teeth was quite ok and there are no signs of tooth decay. :) As it was Denver's first visit, I guess the dentist doesn't want to scare him off too much and so he spends less than 5 mins to check and just touch up a bit on his teeth to give him some confidence. That cost $30.

My inlaws went to Taiwan for a 8 days vacation. Hence, Hubby and I are on leave for this week to look after the children. For the past few nights I have already been packing up the house after Denver and Gladys went to bed.. ramping out all the stuff from the storeroom, wardrobe, drawers etc.. The whole house is in a total MESS.. everything is not in order.. It's going to be tough to re-organize them nicely in place. I already lost count of how many bags of stuff I have thrown or given away. :p

Hubby and I went to IKEA last friday and I bought a couple of boxes and containers back to keep the medicine, my small accessories etc. There's alot of work to do and just thinking about where to put them already giving me headaches.. I spent a lot of late nights tidying up the place...As usual, Hubby didn't do much or volunteer to help. He only help to send the bags of stuff to the church and look at his own stuff which I digged out. That's the thing I don't like.. things that don't interest him, he won't initiate to do.. Things that I need him to help, he don't bother to initiate to get it done.. like look after kids, paint house, re-do cabinate, tidy house.. :(

Like previous years, I am on my own again to tidy up the whole house again. Sometimes, I really don't like CNY.. Sad... To add on, Gladys' foot is still limping. We took her to see our usual Chinese and Western doctor. Both said she is fine and asked us not to worry.. Doc Khoo also advice to let Gladys wear covered shoes so that she will not tilt her foot outwards as a habit while walking.. I guess I just need to be patient.

Over the last weekend, we went to my brother's and mum's place, nearby eateries and shopping malls. Hopefully the holidays ahead will be happier and fun. :) We already planning to take the kids out for a movie tomorrow! ;)

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