Wednesday, December 17, 2008

~ Movie, Duck Tour, SG Flyer ~

16th Dec 2008

After spending the past few days at the nearby malls, eating and taking the kids to the doctors, we finally bringing them out for a series of activities for the week holiday. :D Although we did not travel overseas this year, we also spent a lot of $$$ too..

To start off, we took the children to watch "BOLT" at Bugis Junction. It is not the first time we bring Denver for movies but it is our very first attempt to bring both kids together. I am especially worried if Gladys will stay still and quiet throughout the entire show. Before the movie, we had lunch at Seoul Garden. Denver likes to eat food at the restuarant.. and eating 'unhealthy' food. Gladys is just busy drinking and playing with food (as usual). :D

We were slightly late for the Movie.. Luckily the animation kept both of them entertained as soon as we were seated down. :D It was quite a good movie and although Gladys started to make some fuss towards the end, I must give her credit for being patient and staying rather still. :D As we were in a rush earlier.. we only bought the popcorns after the movie.. hahaha. :p

17th Dec 2008

A whole day fun at the Singapore Flyer and DUKW Tour. Visit our travel blog for more fun details. :)
It has been a fun day and we were all tired.... so we headed for dinner and back home and prepare to battle for the next day..hahaha :)

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