Sunday, December 21, 2008

~ End of Vacation ~

18th Dec 2008 - Christmas Dinner @ Owen's house

A couple of days ago, we signed Denver up for the Mind Blenders class at Anchorvale CC. It was also his first 'extra' educational programme that we put him through... Never wanted to stress him too much and so we were not sure if he will enjoys it. But since it's a holiday and we hope he don't spend too much time on TV/computer, I guess it should be fine.

We drove down to the community centre after breakfast and was delighted to see that Denver's schoolmate, Emmanuel also signed up for the same class! This is great as they will have each other for company and we can leave him there and go back home with ease. :)

He didn't really enjoyed his lesson as I think it was too difficult for him to understand what's the teacher talking about.. but because Emmanuel was there, he decided to go for another similar class tomorrow.. so we signed him up on the spot. Hopefully he will have more fun tomorrow.

Brother invited us to his house for Christmas dinner. :) He got a nice Christmas tree and a lot of deco so it was really nice with the Christmas mood and atmosphere. The kids were never bored going there too.

Brother ordered KFC while we buy Pizzas and some desserts over. Had a really fully dinner... :)Denver went to play PS2 after that while we rest and watched TV.. settling our heavy stomachs.. We continued to battle the log cake before going back home for the day.

19th Dec 2008 - Marina Barrage

Denver gave me a shock when he suddenly tells me that he don't want to go for the lesson at the CC today. :( I scolded him for not thinking carefully before we sign him up for it yesterday despite us checking with him a few times. We still took him for the morning lesson and told him that once you decided to do it.. you have to complete it. sighz..

He felt happier again when he saw Emmanuel. Lessons continued and when we pick him up later, he was very happy to tell me that he enjoyed this class better as he understands. phew... Anyway, Emmaneul and his mum went to lunch with us at McDonalds in CompassPoint after that. We chit-chatted and had to rush home as we wanted to go to the Marina Barrage.

For our little trip at the Marina Barrage, please visit:

After having fun at the Marina Barrage, Denver was hungry again and wanted to eat at the resturant there. We decided to go Marina Square instead to have dinner at Kenny Rogers. It has been quite a while since I last dine at KR and my goodness.. it's getting expensive! I don't think it's as economical as before. That's a shame.. :(

20th Dec 2008 - Meeting up with HongRui

HongRui is Denver's friend he met in his first swimming lesson. They enjoyed each other company very much with common topics on games and Ben10.. Unfortunately, they switched to different swimming instructors and lessons and hence these 2 boys difference of 1 year apart didn't get to meetup anymore. We have his Mummy's contact no. and Denver wanted to meet up with him.. so Hubby called to arrange for a get-together. :) As HongRui stayed in Punggol, we meet them at Punggol Plaza for lunch. After that, Denver went to his house to play for a couple of hours. I can see that Denver love to play with his friends very much and am glad that he had a good time. Hopefully it has been a good vacation so far.

That evening, we got ready to pick my inlaws back at the airport. They are finally back from their vacation at Taiwan. On our way to dinner... I got PAGED! Gosh! I thought I change duty with my colleague.. it seems I am Primary this week.. Oh Dear!! :( I didn't enjoy my dinner and had to rush back home to check my case. Luckily my secondary has complete the work. Still, for the next two days, I carried my laptop around to standby.

21st Dec 2008 - Christmas Dinner @ Chunho's house
1.38am... I got paged by Alarmpoint.. Woke up to do the emergency case on a DNS change and went back to bed about 2am.. but couldn't sleep.. :( I toss and turn and drag awhile before manage to sleep at 2 plus.. You can imagine how tired I was when I woke up at 8 plus in the morning.. Yawnz...

Anyway..not sure when it started.. but it has been a couple of years now that we have been going to the Christmas buffet dinner organised by Chunoho and his family. We will buy presents for his children for gift exchange and vice versa. There's usually a good spread of food and wine.. and Hubby always take this opportunity to get together with his colleagues. Luckily I didn't get any page and had a peaceful dinner. The kids of course have a good time opening their presents. :)
So this marks the end of our 1 week vacation. Doesn't seem too long but we have been travelling, eating and spending a lot! It's back to work tomorrow!!

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