Wednesday, December 24, 2008


After getting back to work for a couple of days and now it's CHRISTMAS EVE!!! Yeah!! I am really in a holiday mood.. :D Afterall, this is the time to enjoy and celebrate... but because CNY is also near the corner, I have also been busy doing cleaning up almost every night.

As per previous years, we will go to Steven's house for Christmas dinner and gift exchange. Denver and Gladys got a lot of Presents this year.. and they can't wait to open them ALL!!! As it was quite late when we reached home, I told Denver to be patient and open them tomorrow morning with his sister. :)

See how much stuff they got!! Again I must emphasis.. kids nowadays are too fortunate! Since there is no Christmas tree at home, I placed all their presents nicely on the table. Hopefully when they wake up, they will be happy to see the nice display Mummy has make. :)

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