Thursday, December 25, 2008

~ Christmas Presents ~

Denver woke up really early and woke me up too.. Yawnzz... The first thing he said was "Mummy!! Can I open the presents?" As Gladys is still sleeping, I asked him to wait awhile longer.. He gave me that "Huh!! But I want to open now leh" and keep nagging at me. I had no choice but to wake Gladys up and carry her to the living room to open the presents..

She was a bit cranky at first and refused to open them. :p but after awhile, she warms up and started to find it FUN to tear the wrappers and see whats within. :D Denver was so happy to see toys and board game. He is starting to be picky and can tell me that "I wish it is not a shirt. :)"... "Oh!! It's a Toy! My wish come true!".. -___-

Last year Gladys was too young about Christmas.. This time she finally can open her own presents and eat goodie stuff like Log cake. :)


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